The Chesterfield Township Planning Board consists of nine regular members and two alternate members.  Planning Board meeting are held the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Chesterfield Township Municipal Building.
All applications for major/minor subdivisions are reviewed by the Board with the guidance of the Township Master Plan, Chesterfield Township Zoning Ordinance, professional staff (Engineer, Solicitor and Planner) as well as the Chesterfield Township Environmental Commission.  Also reviewed are all applications for variances such as “non-conforming use, bulk area, change of use”, etc. with a public hearing prior to a decision being reached.

Planning Board Members

Name -  Class - Expires
Peter Brittain - Class IV - 12/31/2023 
Gerald Hlubik - Class IV - 12/31/2025
Michael Nei - Class IV - 12/31/2023 
Aparna Shah - Class IV - 12/31/2025 
Glenn McMahon - Class II - 12/31/2022
Belinda Blazic - Class III - 12/31/2022
Gary Pollack - Class IV - 12/31/2024
Lido Panfili - Class I - 12/31/2022
F. Gerry Spence - Class IV - 12/31/2022
Matthew Harned - 1st Alternate - 12/31/2023
Jamie Hart - 2nd Alternate - 12/31/2022