Dirt Pile Removal

After more than a year of unsuccessfully seeking bids to remove the huge dirt pile at the Township’s Municipal Complex, and after hearing from a resident making additional complaints about the unsightliness of the pile at its meeting on May 7, the Township Committee asked Mayor Jeremy Liedtka if his family company, Herman Liedtka, Inc. would do the township a favor, and remove the pile free of charge.  The typical costs the Township would have to pay to remove such a huge mound of dirt would be in the $50,000 to $90,000 range, estimated Deputy Mayor Lido Panfili.    Mr. Liedtka had excused himself from the discussion, but was asked to return after the Township Committee unanimously agreed to make this request.  Mayor Liedtka then agreed to provide this service, as a courtesy to the community, and free of charge; and that his family’s company would absorb the costs of the removal efforts.  The Township Committee then voted to authorize the removal of the pile by Herman Liedtka, Inc.   The Township Committee wishes to thank Mayor Liedtka, and his company, for their generosity, in undertaking to remove this pile at such a substantial savings to the community.