Office Directory

(609) 298-2311.  Follow the telephone prompt to reach the office you would like to speak to or dial extension as instructed.
Twp. Fax Number:  (609) 298-0469. For Police after hours contact, please click here for the Police Department page.   

Main Telephone Number
(609) 298-2311
DIAL 9-1-1 for Emergencies
Name Ext. Email Dept.
Thomas A. Sahol 101 Contact Form Township Administrator
Brittney Chenosky 105 Contact Form Admin Assistant, Municipal Alliance Coordinator
Caryn Hoyer 110 Contact Form Clerk, Sewer, Registrar, Tax Collector
Rachel Fryc 120 Contact Form
Clerk, Recreation
Wendy Wulstein 130 Contact Form Finance
Glenn McMahon 140 Contact Form Construction, Zoning, Tax Assessor
Glenn Riccardi 150 Contact Form  Construction
Christopher Rose 151  Contact Form Construction 
Bruno Rotundo 152 Contact Form  Construction
Troy Ulshafer 161  Contact Form  Public Works
Denise Koetas-Dale   Contact Form  Twp Committee
Jeremy Liedtka    Contact Form  Mayor
Shreekant Dhopte   Contact Form  Twp Committee
Mike Russo   Contact Form Twp Committee
Lido Panfili   Contact Form Twp Committee
Aggie Napoleon  180  Contact Form  Planning Bd.
Police Secretary Aggie Napoleon 201 Contact Form  Police
Chief Kyle Wilson  202  Contact Form  Police
Sgt. John Stefani  204  Contact Form  Police
Sgt. Mike Davison 205  Contact Form  Police
Ptl. Kevin Pypcznski  206  Contact Form  Police
Ptl. Jeff Joy  207  Contact Form  Police
Sgt. Daniel Brodowski  208  Contact Form  Police
Det. Anthony Semus  209  Contact Form  Police
Ptl. Thomas Eldershaw 210 Contact Form Police
Ptl. Michael Shepis 211  Contact Form  Police
Ptl. Matthew Lee  212  Contact Form  Police
Ptl. Kevin Scheuren 213  Contact Form  Police