Township of Chesterfield Resolutions

 2021-1-1 - Establishing 2021 Meeting Dates for the Township Committee

2021-1-2 - Establishing 2021 Meeting Dates for the Township Board of Health

2021-1-3 - Authorizing Holiday Schedule for Non-Union Employees

2021-1-4 - Designation of Township's Official Newspapers

2021-1-5 - Designation of Official Depositories

2021-1-6 - Cash Management Plan

2021-1-7 - Establishing Rate of Interest for Delinquent taxes & Duplicate Tax Bill Fee

2021-1-8 - Establishing Penalty Rate for Tax Title Liens

2021-1-9 - Authorization for Tax Collector to Cancel Small Balances

2021-1-10 - Authorizing Temporary Budget Appropriations

2021-1-11 - Authorizing Authorizing Check Prior to Bill List 

2021-1-12 - Authorization of Assessor to File Appeals

2021-1-13 - Appointment of Fund Commissioner for the BURLCO JIF

2021-1-14 - Appointment of EPL Contact Person for the BURLCO JIF

2021-1-15 - Designation of Public Agency Compliance Officer

2021-1-16 - Appointment of Certain Township Employees

2021-1-17 - Appointment of Township Solicitor

2021-1-18 - Appointment of Township Engineer

2021-1-19 - Appointment of Township Auditor

2021-1-20 -  Appointment of Bond Counsel - Tabled

2021-1-21 - Appointment of Labor Attorney

2021-1-22 - Appointment of Risk Management Consultant

2021-1-23 - Awarding Contract to Szul's Landscape Inc. for Maintenance of OYV

2021-1-24 - Authorizing Participation in Burlington County COOP pricing System #$-BUCCP 2021-2025

2021-1-25 - Authorizing Executive Session

2021-1-26 - Resolution Amending Resolution 2020-12-8 Approving Participation with the State of New Jersey Federal Grant Program Administered by the Department of Law and Public Safety Office of the Attorney General

2021-1-27 - Resolution Memorializing Award of Contract to Occupational Training Center of Burlington for Cleaning Services

2021-1-28 - Resolution Authorizing 2021 Expenditures for the Second Year of a Three-Year Contract Authorized by Resolution 2020-6-3 to Provide Uniform Rental Services

2021-1-29 - Resolution Authorizing Refund of Recreation Deposit

2021-1-30 - Resolution Adopting a Form Required to be Used for the Filing of Notices of torn Claim Against the township of Chesterfield in Accordance with the provisions of the New Jersey Tort Claims Act, N.J.S.A. 59:8-6, and Designating Qual-Lynx as the Agent for the Township of Chesterfield to Provide and Receive the Notice of Tort Claim Form to and from Claimants

2021-1-31 - Resolution Authorizing the Release of Performance Guarantee and Substitution of Maintenance Guarantee for the Project Known as Traditions at Old York Village - Phase 7A

2021-1-32 - Resolution Authorizing Appropriation Reserve Transfers

2021-2-1 - Resolution Continuing Award of Contract to O & M Solutions for Sewer System Operation and Maintenance Services

2021-2-2 - Resolution Designating Compensation for  Emergency Snow Plow Operators

2021-2-3 - Resolution Reappointing Chief Finance Officer

2021-2-4 - Resolution Acknowledging the Establishment and Continued Commitment of the Chesterfield Township Green Team

2021-2-5 - Resolution Authorizing Change Order #1 for Sykesville Road Phase I & II Improvement Project Awarded to Earle Asphalt Company

2021-2-6 - Resolution Authorizing Refund of Property Tax Overpayment on Block 206.228 Lot 2  also known as 106 Applegate Way

2021-3-1 - Resolution to Join New Jersey Sustainable Energy Joint Meeting

2021-3-2 - Resolution Authorizing the Participation of Chesterfield Township Police Department in a Shared Service Agreement with the City of Bordentown, Townships of Bordentown, Mansfield, New Hanover, North Hanover and Springfield for Extra Duty Assignments of Police Officers

2021-3-3 - Resolution Authorizing an Exchange of Construction Code Services

2021-3-4 - Resolution Authorizing Emergency Temporary Appropriation

2021-3-5 - Resolution Authorizing Application to the Local Finance Board for Appropriation Cap Waiver

2021-3-6 - Resolution Authorizing g the Introduction of the 2021 Municipal Budget

2021-3-7 - Resolution Authorizing to Utilize the Three Year Average Method in Computing the Municipal court Revenue in the 2021 Municipal Budget

2021-3-8 - Resolution Authorizing Refund of Sewer Overpayment

2021-3-9 - Resolution Authorizing the Cancelation of Taxes due to Veteran Exemption on Block 202.02 Lt 8 known  as 10 Bunting Drive

2021-3-10 - Resolution Authorizing Emergency Temporary Appropriation

2021-3-11 - Resolution Authorizing Change Order #1 for Restroom Addition at Fenton Lane Park Project Awarded to RNM Construction

2021-3-12 - Recycling Tonnage Grant

2021-4-1 - Resolution Recognizing Arbor Day Celebration

2021-4-2 - Resolution Requesting Permission for the Dedication by Rider for TDR Credits - Turnpike Trust Fund

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