The Burlington County Department of Resource Conservation Office operates the Farmland Preservation Program for Burlington County.  Chesterfield Township is an active participant in farmland preservation and has worked with Burlington County for many years to effectively preserve farmland in our Township.  In addition to the funding mechanisms and process available with the County program, Chesterfield Township has preserved thousands of acres of farmland using a Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) model.  Chesterfield is a leader in the State of New Jersey in the TDR arena and has actually been nationally recognized for the successful use of TDR.  See the Chesterfield Township Farmland Preservation Map for a glimpse of what has been preserved and what is on the targeting list for preservation.

Periodically, Burlington County updates its Comprehensive Farmland Preservation Plan and during those update periods participating towns are provided an opportunity to review and comment on plan development drafts.  The last plan revision in Burlington County was performed and incorporated in their 2008 Comprehensive Farmland Preservation Plan.  Beginning in the Spring/Summer of 2022, Burlington County will be working on draft revisions to the 2008 Plan.  Chesterfield Township will fully engage the plan review process when the time comes to review County suggestions.  In addition, Chesterfield Township will be sure to protect the local TDR program which has been incredibly successful and which preserves farmland by using residential developer money rather than taxpayer money.

Information about the Burlington County program can be found at the following links:

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